Steven Wanderski


Freelance Web Design and Developer

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Platform used to raise money for charities
  • Processes more than $20 million per year in donations đź’¸
  • Sole back-end developer since 2015 responsible for all platform features
  • Platform is actively maintained and code is contributed daily
Case Study - 4aGoodCause
Case Study - Popular Pays

Popular Pays

Advertising marketplace that connects influencers with brands
  • First employee and responsible for all features in the first year
  • Graduated Y-Combinator 2015 as a co-founder 🏆
  • Company was purchased in 2022 by Lightricks


“There wouldn’t be a Popular Pays without Steven Wanderski. We relaunched the product in 2014 and for a time it was just him and I building it, day-in, day-out, testing and learning to find product-market fit. I can’t recommend Steven enough!”

Corbett Drummey
Corbett Drummey
CEO of Popular Pays

"My partnership with Steve is the best professional relationship I've ever had. He is highly intelligent, incredibly meticulous, and writes the cleanest code imaginable. He is not just our developer. He is a valued member of the team that truly cares about our business and is always helping us craft a simpler and more effective product for our clients."

Ronald Pruitt
Ronald Pruitt
CEO of 4aGoodCause

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